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film art: best posters 2007

Posted by rollinsloane on 4 January 2008

The film critics’ end-of-year bonanza in on at full tilt, but all involved seem to be forgetting the movies’ true visual impact on the widespread public — their posters. 2007 saw some slam-bang images at a bus stop near you. Here are the best (also: runner’s up and worst).

Black Snake Moan

What. The. Fuck. This dime store paperback-cum-deep fried circus poster just seethes with all the sex and violence the movie totally failed to deliver.

black snake moan

The Host

Did you see this movie? No? WHY NOT? Get thee to a Blockbuster and feast your eyes on the best CGI monster this side of Cloverfield. If this sweet sweet poster doesn’t sell you on the lusty terror of a terrific monster movie, then you don’t deserve it anyway.

the host movie poster

Grindhouse: Planet Terror

Yeah, the Grindhouse duo was an undercooked clunker. But these teasers for Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror got me in the theater anyway. Gruesome goodness: bold colors, thick outlines, and one lady-machine gun silhouette that’s downright iconic.

planet terror rose mcgowan
planet terror marley shelton

I’m Not There

For some reason the Weinstein Company went with Cate Blanchett’s wire-haired silhouette to promote Todd Haynes’s Bob Dylan dreamscape I’m Not There instead of this far more descriptive 60s-style montage. Audiences deserve a little visual warning before the cacophony of that movie, and this pictorial gives a better glimpse.i’m not there movie poster


Also: here are the best poster lists of /film (dude, Across the Universe?  are you kidding?) and (with the excellent addition of what-movie-was-that? King of California).  Mine, for the record, still rules.


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man enough to let it all hang out

Posted by rollinsloane on 31 December 2007

So I’m sitting in the dark theater glow of I’m Not There watching a varied lot of Bob Dylans jockey elbows for screen time when all of sudden Heath Ledger exits a shower with his junk on proud display. I realize I’m a bit alone on this one — how many countless ventured to Beowulf just for a peek at Angelina’s 3D-animated nudity? — but honestly, truly, I hate big-name nudity in movies. Hint at sex all you want, but the moment an unnecessary set of nipples dips into view I’m watching Nicole Kidman get hot and bothered rather than Cold Mountain rurualites finally consummate their long-distance romance.

Even if my own sensitivity to such visuals is excessively Puritan, it can’t be argued that there’s been a definite growth in the Hollywood male full frontal of late. While women have long stripped down for the camera, cinema usually professes a decided discomfort with the male set of equipment, and that taboo is increasingly being ignored or, in the case of Walk Hard, blatantly mocked. The following list of recent examples isn’t meant as a list for pervs (please — I think we all know Mr. Skin is a far more enticing resource for cinematic nudity), but as an earnest accounting of a growing trend. That said, pervs, get your pencils ready:

Into the Wild — Emile Hirsch floats down a river under a bird’s eye camera shot

Last King of Scotland — James McAvoy strips down at the command of craaaaaazy Forest Whitaker (and looking quite bashful while he’s at it)

Eastern Promises — Viggo Mortinson (in one hell of a bathhouse fight scene)

Starting Out in the Evening — 69-year-old Frank Langella, getting out of a bathtub. I didn’t say these were all sexy. I’m just pointing out that they’re there.

Walk Hard — Some dude.

A piece in USA Today cited the brief nudity in Kinsey (Peter Sarsgaard), Sideways (Thomas Haden Church) and Alexander (Colin Farrell) as indicative of a growing trend back in 2004. MSNBC then noted The Dreamers as well, further listing Quills (Geoffrey Rush) and Wild Things (Kevin Bacon). There are a few serial streakers: Richard Gere (American Gigolo, Breathless), Harvey Keital (Bad Lieutenant, The Piano) and Ewan McGregor (Trainspotting, Velvet Goldmine)

Perhaps, in the all together, this is pretty much irrelevant anyway. After all, a survey of actresses who’ve gone topless and/or bottomless is basically endless.


For a fuller re-cap of the year in dick, check out Vulture’s salute to the Year of the Wang.

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