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michael rides again

Posted by rollinsloane on 27 March 2009

michael scott revs to glory   

michael scott revs to glory

the office

episode 5.19 – two weeks (Original Air Date: 3/26/2009)

official synopsis: “Michael gives Corporate two weeks notice, giving him freedom to do whatever he wants in the office.”


oscar: “I love a good quitting story…it makes me feel like I have control over my own life.” so sad, so true

michael’s new drink: scotch and splenda! note to self…

michael lounging around drunk at work with just a week left…yes, michael is an idiot, but come on – you know that’s what you would want to do

michael, deferential and sarcastic to new all-business boss: “your ‘I need you to’ is my command.”  

the brief exchange between the new outside managerial hire, politely signing in with pam, and michael, lulling boozily on the reception area sofa. it would make for an interesting situation even without michael’s buffoonery

kevin to pam, re the still-broken copier machine: “you said it would be ready by today, and it is today.”

monsters scream on michael’s computer. jim responds instantly – “it’s” – revealing his familiarity not just with (the job site), but with the same stupid misspelling that michael just committed.  brilliant snippet.

michael, in reaction to pam’s gentle discouragement after announcing his new plans to start his own paper company: “I have had this dream since lunch, and I am not giving up on it now.”

michael tells andy that he’s starting his own paper company. andy: “in this climate?” michael: “in all climates. I’m going worldwide.”

dwight’s reaction to hearing (from andy) that michael was starting his own paper company…I had to watch it twice. he and michael go through so many little uncertain jerks and emotional twists and not a single full sentence

meredith, as pam shows off her copier skills, in total boredom: “little miss thing wants attention.” zing!

I feel for pam in her travails against the copier…I have so many little gadgets that bewilder me so much that I’d rather not use them than sink time trying to fix and understand them, and to be beaten by them in public is truly frustrating. worse yet, humiliating

michael scott vs. the man

michael scott vs. the man(s)

angela and kelly’s perpetually man-hungry dating styles…meh

toby’s somehow sweet, somewhat summarizing reaction to michael’s sudden departure: “michael’s like a movie on a plane. You know – it’s not great, but it’s something to watch.” (sidenote: doesn’t that seem to broadly apply to a lot of things in life?) “and then when it’s over, you’re like, how much time is left on this flight? now what?”

michael crawling camo-style across the office after being kicked out…actually somehow moving when you think about it

pam with michael, kevin at reception, stanley suddenly promoted…give the writers credit, they know how to mix things up without changing the core set-up

the nice-guy cometh

the nice-guy cometh


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